Resilient Streets Projects Getting Going!

On March 6th we had another meeting for Victoria West residents to learn about resilient streets possibilities as well as to network and update each other about their own projects getting underway — Definitely the most enlivening part of the evening was hearing stories from people who had brought some neighbours together to discuss options, which had rapidly begun turning into action!

Some of these people also sent comments to us in writing that were exciting and inspiring. In the words of one Resilient Street leader, “To be able to work together on a project like this that benefits the whole area has been amazing. I realized that it has me feeling much more at home in my neighbourhood … I’ve been amazed to realize how much support and connection is available… [My neighbours’] efforts have been tremendous and so helpful with ideas, advice and resourcing materials … The project has also stimulated conversations with passersby, people who live nearby (but aren’t “immediate” neighbours), so it feels as though, like the trees and plants, we are also growing interconnections that are spreading out into the community. I can’t wait until we start planting!”

And from another: “We had our first Food Buyers’ meeting today thanks to the $40 [Resilient Street] grant. Thanks so much for kick starting the action. WOW, what started as “let’s buy organic food together to share costs” exploded into so many other offerings of sharing support. Here’s a list of what people want to get going on Langford Street: street coop chicken coop, carpool to local farms to support local farmers and buy local food, pet sitting, seed sharing, yard sharing, home-grown food swapping, street canning parties….and the food buying group of course!”

Want to get your own Resilient Street project going in Victoria West? Contact us, or come out to our event on March 27 where we’ll have Victoria West and Saanich residents sharing stories and practical tips. Even if you’re not a resident of either area, you can still come join if you’re interested to learn more. Hope to see you there!

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