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Job posting: Program & Curriculum Designer; Resilience Facilitator

POSITION(S): Program & Curriculum Designer; Resilience Facilitator 
LENGTH: May 2022 –May 2023 with potential for renewal 
HOURS PER WEEK: Flexible, 10-35 hours week 

The Opportunity 

The BRN team is engaged in constantly evolving projects and has a collaborative working style that’s respectful, fun, creative, hard-working, and effective. We’re looking for someone to join our team to assist with and sometimes take leadership on a variety of upcoming projects, as well as provide internal support to help BRN manage growth and opportunities. We are interested to hire either one full-time or two part-time contractors to fill these roles. Much of our work currently occurs in Greater Victoria and Vancouver, so residence in one of these locations is a definite asset (with a preference for Victoria). Other tasks can and sometimes must be done online remotely. 

The ideal candidate is a flexible, adaptive, creative self-starter who also thrives working collaboratively with our team and a diverse range of community members and partners. Some of the work requires flexibility with respect to work hours; for example, meetings with neighbour groups often take place on weekends or evenings. Let us know exactly where your interests, skills, and availability match with our needs! 

Work environment

Our team meets in-person periodically, depending on the project, or if we’re actively delivering in-person workshops. But much of our day-to-day work is done remotely via videoconference, email and phone. Comfort and competence with a remote work environment is essential. 

The successful candidate will be expected to provide their own workspace and equipment (including computer, phone, internet). 


Currently, we have two primary roles available, and these could be done by two different people or one highly skilled and motivated person. 


  • Development of a curriculum (based on and expanding from our existing materials) that will train leaders to deliver Connect & Prepare to groups of neighbours in their communities.
  • Design and development of a new mutual-aid program focused on Intergenerational Neighbourly Supports for Aging in Place. 


  • Organization, facilitation and management of our core programs including Connect & Prepare, Resilient Streets, or other mutual-aid programs with community partners, landlords, property managers, and groups of neighbours in the Victoria area. Note the facilitator will be required to work in Victoria for in-person program delivery from May July 2022 at a minimum.
  • Coordination and facilitation of a “train the trainer” program and a linked Community of Practice for other BC communities interested in delivering Connect & Prepare and other BRN initiatives.
  • Participation in the Hey Neighbour Collective partnership of institutions, businesses, governments, and organizations growing social connectivity in multi-unit rental buildings. 

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How to apply

When applying, please tell us which of the two above-described part-time roles you are interested in, or if you feel that you have the skills and full-time availability to do both roles. Please submit your resume, cover letter and references no later than April 24th to

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by May 2, and interviews will take place between May 2-10. 

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