Growing the supportive communities we all want to live in

Nicole stands on the left wearing a puffy jacket. She's smiling and hugging Tegan and Tegan's mom on the right.

Nicola misses being in the daily lives of her daughter and grandsons, who live far away in Europe. So, when her neighbour became a new mother, Nicola offered to help out in any way she could–and now enjoys taking the baby for walks and occasionally preparing meals for the family.

Pam believes in the power of neighbours helping neighbours and has made an effort to know others in her building. Her next-door neighbour, Mid, was concerned a few years ago, that if something happened to her overnight, no one would know. Mid now hangs a bow outside her door from 7am to 9pm so Pam knows she’s OK. When Mid experienced a recent health emergency, Pam was there to offer help and comfort while she called for an ambulance. Now they speak just about every day.

Wendy knows all of the residents on her floor, and they check in with each other regularly. Every evening, Wendy and her next door neighbour knock on their shared wall around the same time, just to let each other know they’re okay.

Current Partners

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