Victoria West Assembly Vibrant and Fun — Esquimalt too!

About 45 people attended our Victoria West “Assembly” on Sunday the 17th, and it was a lot of fun. We presented some of the findings from our surveys and interviews of people in the neighbourhood, which you can now read about yourself in the executive summary. The entire report will be released shortly. We didn’t have enough time to really delve into over-arching resilience priorities for the neighbourhood — that effort will continue soon — but a lot of great ideas for Resilient Streets projects emerged which we hope to see come to fruition (reminder: get your RS applications in asap!) If you missed us, considering joining us for our short ‘crash course’ session as part of the Victora West Community Association AGM on November 26th. We also held a session on the 16th in Esquimalt that was attended by many engaged citizens and leaders, including some city staff and elected representatives, so that was exciting and promising!

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