Prepare Together for Extreme Heat

Are you and your neighbours safely connected and prepared for extreme heat? Try out our new neighbour-to-neighbour guide.

The Prepare for Heat Guide cover page floats in the foreground with a cooling centre sign in Vancouver in the background.

Building Resilient Neighbourhoods: Four Years of Learnings 2012-2016

Our complete report on what we accomplished and learned alongside all of our co-collaborators over the first four years of our resilience work in the Capital Region.

Laughing Allowed! – A How-to Guide for Making a Physical Comedy Show to Build Neighbourhood Resilience

Download our complete do-it-yourself manual to make a neighbourhood physical comedy show.

Victoria West Snapshot Appendix: Survey and Interview Data

This provides you with all the detailed data from our surveys and interviews, allowing you to delve deeper into what we learned and do your own analyses.

Victoria West Snapshot Executive Summary

Read our key findings and analyses of the data from our surveys and interviews of citizens and community leaders in Victoria West.

Esquimalt Resilient Streets Resources

This provides resources to help develop and launch a Resilient Streets project in Esquimalt.

Resilient Streets Toolkit

Learn about, teach, and create Resilient Streets in your neighbourhood. Find lessons learned, ideas, and examples to create tangible impact.

Characteristics of a Resilient Community or Neighbourhood – A Checklist

This checklist framework helps locate the level of resilience capacity that exists in a neighbourhood or community. It can be used as a citizen questionnaire, to promote discussion in focus groups, or as a guide for conducting a formalized community resilience study and assessment.

Strengthening Neighbourhood Resilience: Opportunities for Communities and Local Governments 

learning report of strengthening neighbourhood resilience

This report highlights some of the research and approaches that have been explored and the lessons that have been emerging during the beginning phases of the Building Resilient Neighbourhoods project.

Laughing Allowed! — The Slapstick World of Neighbourhood Activism

laughing allowed performance

See our Laughing Allowed production in action to learn how to playfully explore what we do and don’t like about getting involved in our local communities, and to use physical comedy as a different way of beginning discussions about some of those issues.

Victoria Resilent Streets Resources

This provides resources to help develop and launch a Resilient Streets project in Victoria.