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Characteristics of a Resilient Community or Neighbourhood — A Checklist

Building Resilient Neighbourhoods has developed this checklist framework as a tool for helping understand the level of resilience capacity that exists in a neighbourhood or community. It is divided into four broad dimensions: Attitudes and Values; Infrastructure and Resources (Natural and Built Environments); Local Economy; Leadership, Engagement and Community-wide Planning. Within each dimension, a number of key characteristics of resilience are highlighted, and in some cases these are further described with suggested examples of specific indicators of resilience that could be measured. The tool is designed to be used by individuals, groups and communities in any of a variety of different, complementary ways. It can be used as a citizen questionnaire, to promote discussion in focus groups, or as a guide for conducting a formalized community resilience study and assessment.

Click here to download “Characteristics of a Resilient Community or Neighbourhood — A Checklist“.

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