Wine, Food and a Trojan Horse

These were some of the proven strategies for bringing neighbours together that emerged during a relaxed, collaborative Resilient Streets discussion in Saanich on March 27th: Wine, food, and a good “trojan horse.” Everyone agreed that having a specific idea, plan or project to suggest — such as a Transition Streets course or a food buying coop — would help connect with neighbours and bring people out for a meeting. That solid proposal was the “trojan horse.” However, once together, it was the wine, the food, and the good conversations that kept the meetings going and allowed people time to “jam” about many other ideas and gradually come to a true unity of purpose. And speaking of food and wine, if you’re in Saanich or Victoria West, you can still apply for one of our micro-grants to host a party or for project grants to get a Resilient Streets project going. We’re also offering in-kind, in-person support for any group that might want to launch a Transition Street — contact us for details!

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