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Local Governments and the Sharing Economy

One Earth has released a report on the sharing economy. “The Local Governments and the Sharing Economy roadmap explores the question: How can cities strategically engage with the Sharing Economy to advance sustainability? There are three key messages: 1. The Sharing Economy is not inherently sustainable but cities can help to make it more so. 2. Community sharing is a promising area where local governments can play proactive, enabling roles. 3. Addressing data gaps is critical for understanding sustainability impacts on cities. The LGSE roadmap analyzes shared mobility, spaces, goods and community sharing – and, to a lighter degree, shared food and energy – using a six-part sustainability filter.

  • Discover what cities are doing to lead the way including Montréal, Austin, Vancouver, Portland and Toronto.
  • Find out if carsharing, co-working spaces, clothing swaps and other Sharing Economy activities reduce the ecological footprints of cities, and increase social connection, equity and resilience.
  • Learn about recommendations and roles for local governments to harness the Sharing Economy to strategically advance sustainability.
  • Explore our analysis of Sharing Economy actors from community innovators to for-profit players (e.g., Airbnb and Uber) to the public sector.”

Click here to read the full report from One Earth.

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