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Resilient Neighbourhood Economies Report

The Metcalf Foundation shares findings in a report titled “Resilient Neighbourhood Economies: A Foundation’s strategic learning from a three-year investment in local economies.” Charting the origins of the pilot project, its undertakings, and the lessons learned along the way, the report is intended to inform others interested in undertaking local economic place-based work and forging community-foundation partnerships.

“As the changing labour market forces more people into precarious employment and low-income work, the Metcalf Foundation is committed to supporting the individuals, organizations, and ideas that can strengthen our communities’ economic wellbeing. The Resilient Neighbourhood Economies (RNE) project was a three-year pilot that ran from 2012-2015. It was designed to help create economic opportunities for low-income residents of Thorncliffe Park and Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park.”

Click here to read the report.

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