Building Liveable Densities: BRN visits Sydney, Australia

BRN’s Stacy Barter is currently on a knowledge-exchange in Australia, discussing how to make life in “vertical streets” like condominium and apartment buildings more socially engaged and resilient. Today (pictured) she spoke with City of Sydney staff and will later present at the Griffith University Strata Title Conference 2017. We seem to be part of a growing international movement! According to the City of Sydney’s preamble to Stacy’s talk: “With high density residential neighbourhoods a growing feature of cities, enabling diverse communities to grow in apartment buildings is an ever-increasing dimension of liveability.┬áCity of Sydney residents rate community harmony and community life as the most desired characteristic for their local area, above transport, green spaces, design, amenity, safety, cultural or economic aspects. Apartments which have active community life and include families, enhance health and wellbeing and meet a growing segment of market demand.”

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