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Fostering Community in Multi-unit Housing: BRN joins the Hey Neighbour Collective!

In many of British Columbia’s densifying communities, multi-unit housing is becoming the norm; however, these housing types can have disproportionately lower levels of connection and community between neighbours, which has significant impacts on health, well-being and community resilience. Building Resilient Neighbourhoods is excited to make this a focus of our work over the next 3 years through our collaboration in the Vancouver-based Hey Neighbour Collective (HNC).

A diverse collection of organizations and initiatives, HNC brings together housing providers, researchers, wellbeing experts, local and regional governments, housing associations and health authorities to experiment with and learn about ways of effectively building community, social connectedness and resilience in BC’s fast-growing vertical communities.

Building Resilient Neighbourhoods’ Stacy Barter is supporting the HNC in her role as Director of Learning and Evaluation, and we will be continuing action research through delivering our Connect & Prepare program in multi-unit buildings in Victoria.

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